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RT @RepDougCollins: Myth: Democrats aren’t impeaching @RealDonaldTrump because of politics. This is about Ukraine.

Fact: Democrats introduced articles of impeachment in 2017.


RT @RepDougCollins:神话:民主党没有因为政治而弹imp @RealDonaldTrump。这是关于乌克兰的。事实:民主党在2017年推出了弹each文章。#MythBustingMonday

RT @GOPChairwoman: The only value Hunter Biden brought to the table was access to his father, then-VP Joe Biden.

Democrats and the media don’t want to talk about that corruption.

@realDonaldTrump is right to call it out!

RT @GOPChairwoman:猎人·拜登(Hunter Biden)带来的唯一价值是与父亲,当时的副总裁乔·拜登(Joe Biden)的联系。民主党人和媒体不想谈论这种腐败。 @realDonaldTrump正确地说出来!

RT @GOPChairwoman: The movement @realDonaldTrump has built is unlike anything we have ever seen.

Tens of thousands came to Dallas to show their support, and they are ready to #KeepAmericaGreat in 2020!

RT @GOPChairwoman:@realDonaldTrump建立的运动与我们从未见过的任何运动不同。成千上万的人来到达拉斯表示他们的支持,他们已经准备好在2020年举办#KeepAmericaGreat!

RT @WhiteHouse: Since day one, the left has been on a mission to dispute, deny, and re-litigate the results of the 2016 election.

They aren’t just trying to penalize a political outsider for taking office.

They’re trying to penalize the American people for choosing President @realDonaldTrump.

RT @WhiteHouse:自第一天起,左派就一直在对2016年大选的结果提出异议,否认和重新提起诉讼。他们不仅试图惩罚政治局外人上任。他们试图惩罚美国人,因为他们选择了总统@realDonaldTrump。

RT @WhiteHouse: Remember when Democrats called the extra money in Americans’ wallets thanks to President @realDonaldTrump’s economic policies “scraps” and “crumbs?”

Update: “The median or average-income family has seen a gain of $5,003 since Trump came into office.”

@@@@@ WhiteHouse:还记得民主党人在@realDonaldTrump总统的经济政策下,在美国人的钱包里拨出了额外的钱吗?更新:“自特朗普上任以来,中等或中等收入家庭的收入增加了5003美元。”

RT @seanhannity: @realDonaldTrump “I would like the Attorney General to find out what’s going on. We’re investigating corruption. I have an obligation to do that…”

RT @seanhannity:@realDonaldTrump“我希望司法部长了解正在发生的事情。我们正在调查腐败。我有义务这样做…”

It never ends. The Do Nothing Dems are terrible!


RT @Reince: Love these Libs melting down because @seanspicer keeps surviving – maybe it’s because people are actually voting for him! He’s not even close to the bottom two. #DWTS @realDonaldTrump

RT @Reince:爱这些解放出来的库,因为@seanspicer一直活着-也许是因为人们实际上在投票支持他!他甚至没有接近底部的两个。 #DWTS @realDonaldTrump

RT @GOPChairwoman: The economy is booming, a fantastic trade deal is waiting for a vote, yet DC Democrats are only focused on their ridiculous attacks on @realDonaldTrump.

Go to to help hold them accountable!

RT @GOPChairwoman:经济蓬勃发展,一项出色的贸易协议正在等待投票,但华盛顿特区民主党人只专注于对@realDonaldTrump的可笑攻击。请访问帮助他们承担责任!

RT @TeamTrump: Democrats think impeachment is their only hope for 2020.

They will NEVER beat @realDonaldTrump on policy or merit and they know it!

RT @TeamTrump:民主党人认为弹each是他们对2020年的唯一希望。他们永远不会在政策或功绩上击败@realDonaldTrump,他们知道!