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The News Media in our Country is FAKE and in many cases, totally CORRUPT!


RT @IvankaTrump: Amazing! 🇺🇸

RT @IvankaTrump:太棒了! 🇺🇸

RT @IvankaTrump: Thank you to bipartisan members in Congress for securing passage of this important legislation & presidential priority! A special thanks to @BetsyDeVosED for your leadership, this is a huge victory for students everywhere. Headed to @realDonaldTrump desk for signature soon!#HBCUs

RT @IvankaTrump:感谢国会两党议员确保这一重要立法和总统优先权的通过!特别感谢@BetsyDeVosED的领导,这对世界各地的学生来说都是巨大的胜利。即将前往@realDonaldTrump服务台进行签名!#HBCU

RT @GOPChairwoman: Pelosi said it herself: They’ve been trying to impeach @realDonaldTrump for 2.5 years. But there was:

No collusion.
No quid pro quo.
No extortion.
No bribery.

Democrats are trying to defraud the country!

RT @GOPC女商人:佩洛西亲自说:他们一直在弹to @realDonaldTrump 2.5年。但是有:没有勾结。没有交换条件。没有勒索。没有贿赂。民主党人试图欺骗国家!

“The Exclusive @Ami_Magazine Poll, What Orthodox Jews really think about President Trump” @JakeTurx

“独家@Ami_Magazine投票,东正教犹太人对特朗普总统的真正看法” @JakeTurx

Wow! All of our priorities have made it into the final NDAA: Pay Raise for our Troops, Rebuilding our Military, Paid Parental Leave, Border Security, and Space Force! Congress – don’t delay this anymore! I will sign this historic defense legislation immediately!


“Zero evidence that any law was broken. They’re not even alleging that a law was broken. This is an abuse of the Constitution. It is using Impeachment as a campaign tool.” @SenTedCruz

“零证据表明任何法律都被违反了。他们甚至没有指控法律被违反。这是对宪法的滥用。它正在使用弹each作为竞选工具。” @SenTedCruz

RT @parscale: If the Democrat controlled House does not immediately investigate the FBI abuse found in the IG report it is clear evidence the Deep State has complete control of the Democrat party.

This has been an attempt to silence Trump and his supporters since the beginning!

RT @parscale:如果民主党控制的众议院没有立即调查IG报告中发现的FBI滥用行为,则很明显有证据表明,深层国家完全控制了民主党。自一开始以来,这就是试图让特朗普及其支持者保持沉默!

RT @BuckSexton: Now we know the FBI is shockingly incompetent, reckless and dumb even when dealing with cases at the highest level of national importance, and that if handled poorly could undermine public faith in rule of law-

And James Comey takes a bow?

What a world class schmuck.

RT @BuckSexton:现在我们知道联邦调查局即使在处理具有最高国家重要性的案件时也无能为力,鲁ck和愚蠢,而且如果处理不当,可能会破坏公众对法治的信念-詹姆斯·科米鞠躬?多么世界级的东西。

RT @BuckSexton: Maybe it’s worth noting that the guy leading the impeachment charge right now against Trump was- as a matter of established fact- completely, utterly full of Schiff when it came to the most important parts of the Russia collusion hoax

RT @BuckSexton:也许值得一提的是,目前领导针对特朗普的弹charge指控的那个人-作为既定事实的问题-在涉及俄罗斯勾结骗局的最重要部分时完全席卷了席夫https:/// /