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Congratulations to @TitoOrtiz on tonight’s huge WIN, a Great American Patriot!


@KimStrassel “Schiff’s surveillance (obtaining phone logs) is an unprecedented abuse of power.” To put it mildly. Also, it is illegal!

@KimStrassel“ Schiff的监视(获取电话记录)是前所未有的权力滥用。”温和地说。另外,这是非法的!

RT @KimStrassel: 1) Still waiting for my fellow members of the media to express their deep outrage and alarm that Intelligence Chair Schiff snooped thru and published phone records of member of the free press. The silence is deafening.

RT @KimStrassel:1)仍在等待我的媒体同胞表达深切的愤慨,并警告情报主席席夫(Thiff Schiff)窥探并发布了新闻自由成员的电话记录。沉默震耳欲聋。

RT @KimStrassel: Democrats lecture about dirt-digging, even as they abuse their surveillance powers to demand phone records to smear political rivals. via @WSJ

RT @KimStrassel:尽管他们滥用监视权来要求电话记录来抹黑政治对手,但民主党人还是在讲授关于挖土的演讲。通过@WSJ

RT @KimStrassel: I wondered how long it would be before media rushed to defend Schiff’s indefensible subpoenas and intimidation of the media. Didn’t take long… (Although this is hilariously weak tea.) via @thedailybeast

RT @KimStrassel:我想知道媒体要花多长时间捍卫Schiff不可辩驳的传票和媒体恐吓。没多长时间…(尽管这是非常可笑的茶。)通过@thedailybeast

RT @KimStrassel: @WSJ Also from my column: Constitutional lawyer David Rivkin makes the case that Schiff has opened himself up lawsuits from targets of these subpoenas.

RT @KimStrassel:@WSJ也在我的专栏中:宪政律师戴维·里夫金(David Rivkin)提出席夫已经公开了针对这些传票的诉讼。

RT @KimStrassel: From my new column: “There does not appear to be any basis to believe that a congressional committee is authorized to subpoena telephone records directly from a provider…” says former Attorney General Michael Mukasey. via @WSJ

RT @KimStrassel:在我的新专栏中:“似乎没有任何依据可以相信国会委员会有权直接从提供者那里传唤电话记录……”前司法部长迈克尔·穆卡西(Michael Mukasey)说。https:// t .co / HXL88PVQMs通过@WSJ

RT @DanHenninger: Impeachment will be the decisive battle in World War Trump, now in its third year with no end in sight, writes @DanHenninger

RT @DanHenninger:弹each将是世界大战特朗普的决定性战役,现在已经是第三年了,看不到尽头,@ DanHenninger写道