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RT @CortesSteve: As Hispanic Heritage Month wraps up, please see my interview with ⁦@LaraLeaTrump⁩ about the #TrumpBoom and the benefits for Latino citizens…

RT @CortesSteve:随着西班牙传统月的结束,请看我对⁦@LaraLeaTrump⁩的采访,了解#TrumpBoom及其对拉丁美洲人的好处…

RT @CLewandowski_: Great new book just released by ⁦@RandPaul⁩. The Case Against Socialism – Rand Paul – Hardcover. Pick up your copy today.

RT @CLewandowski_:Great @RandPaul⁩刚刚发行的精彩新书。反对社会主义的案例-兰德·保罗-精装书。立即领取您的副本。

…. It also brings Shifty’s fraudulent MADE UP CALL, which he read to the United States Congress pretending it to be the words of President Trump, which they were not! Nancy Pelosi is involved in this fraud in that she confirmed his fraudulent words on @GMA, and much more!

….这也带来了Shifty的欺诈性MADE UP CALL,他向美国国会宣读了这封信,假装这是特朗普总统的话,但事实并非如此!南希·佩洛西(Nancy Pelosi)参与了这次欺诈活动,因为她确认了自己在@GMA上的欺诈性话语以及更多内容!

Shifty Adam Schiff wants to rest his entire case on a Whistleblower who he now says can’t testify, & the reason he can’t testify is that he is afraid to do so because his account of the Presidential telephone call is a fraud & totally different from the actual transcribed call…

Shifty Adam Schiff希望将他的整个案件交给举报人,他现在说不能作证,而他不能作证的原因是他害怕这样做,因为他对总统电话的叙述是欺诈并且完全与实际的转录呼叫不同…

The @StLouisBlues amazing comeback reminds us to never give up – and never lose faith. When you work hard, support each other, believe in yourself, and give it everything you’ve got, victory is always within reach! #STLBlues

@StLouisBlues惊人的复出提醒我们永远不要放弃-永远不要失去信心。当您努力工作,互相支持,相信自己并奉献自己拥有的一切时,胜利总是遥不可及! #STLBlues

Now that we have found out that @CNN is a virtual fraud, rumor has it that Jeff Zucker will be resigining momentarily?

既然我们已经发现@CNN是虚拟欺诈,那么有传言称Jeff Zucker将立即重新注册吗?

Join me in Dallas, Texas this Thursday (October 17th) at the American Airlines Center! #KAG2020


和我一起在本周四(10月17日)在德克萨斯州达拉斯的美国航空中心参加! #KAG2020门票:

….He loves our Military and supports our Vets! Get out and Vote for Tate Reeves on November 5th. He has my Complete and Total Endorsement!

….他热爱我们的军队,支持我们的兽医! 11月5日下车并投票给泰特·里夫斯(Tate Reeves)。他得到了我的完全和完全认可!