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RT @DanHenninger: Pelosi’s decision to open the impeachment dam is starting to look like a blunder. Rather than let voters decide Trump’s fate, we have secret hearings, writes @DanHenninger via @WSJ

RT @DanHenninger:佩洛西决定打开弹大坝的决定开始显得有些失误。 @DanHenninger通过@WSJ写@DanHenninger而不是让选民决定特朗普的命运,

RT @DanHenninger: Nancy Pelosi saw this summer that Adam Schiff’s Take Down Trump Show might be more trouble than it was worth for Democrats. She was right then, writes @DanHenninger

RT @DanHenninger:南希·佩洛西(Nancy Pelosi)今年夏天看到亚当·希夫(Adam Schiff)的“撤下特朗普秀”可能比给民主党带来的麻烦更大。她当时是正确的,写@DanHenninger

RT @DanHenninger: When Trump called the impeachment show a ‘kangaroo court,’ he was only half right. All of Washington has become a kangaroo court, writes @DanHenninger

RT @DanHenninger:当特朗普将弹each表演称为“袋鼠法庭”时,他只有一半权利。 @DanHenninger写道,整个华盛顿州已经变成了袋鼠法庭

The United States Secret Service Deputy Assistant Director, Anthony Ornato, will become my new Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations. I have worked with Tony for 3 years – he will do a fantastic job! Thank you to Dan Walsh for his great service, and congratulations to Tony!

美国特勤局副助理局长安东尼·奥纳托(Anthony Ornato)将成为我的新任运营副总参谋长。我已经与Tony合作了3年-他将做得很棒!感谢Dan Walsh的出色服务,并祝贺Tony!

“Not only have the Democrats not advanced key pieces of legislation that would help the economy, but the polls, especially in early states, are showing that voters are tuning out.” @PeteHegseth They don’t want our greatest of all presidents impeached!

“不仅民主党没有提出有助于经济发展的重要立法,而且民意调查(尤其是在早期州)显示,选民正在适应。” @PeteHegseth他们不希望我们的所有总统中最伟大的人受到弹!!

“Why re-elect Democrats when you know that this is what they are doing with their majority. Their case is not strong because first it was Russian Collusion, then it was obstruction, then it was Ukraine, now their pivoting back to Russia. Why would they be doing that?” Lisa Booth

“当您知道这是他们对大多数人的做法时,为什么要重新当选民主党人呢?他们的案情不强,因为首先是俄罗斯的勾结,其次是障碍,其次是乌克兰,现在他们转向了俄罗斯。他们为什么要这样做?”丽莎·布斯(Lisa Booth)

Hard to believe, but if Nancy Pelosi had put our great Trade Deal with Mexico and Canada, USMCA, up for a vote long ago, our economy would be even better. If she doesn’t move quickly, it will collapse!

难以置信,但如果南希·佩洛西(Nancy Pelosi)很久以前就将我们与墨西哥和加拿大的最佳贸易协定(USMCA)进行表决,那么我们的经济将会更好。如果她不迅速移动,它将崩溃!

The United States will not rest until we bring every American wrongfully detained in Iran and around the world back home to their loved ones!


Taken during the Obama Administration (despite $150 Billion gift), returned during the Trump Administration. Thank you to Iran on a very fair negotiation. See, we can make a deal together!