“Jerry Nadler’s Trump Bashing Show Is A Bust.” Headline, New York Post. @foxandfriends The Greatest Witch Hunt of all time continues. All crimes were by the other side, but the Committee refuses to even take a look. Deleting 33,000 Emails is the real Obstruction – and much more!

“杰里纳德勒的特朗普抨击节目是一个半身像。”纽约邮报的头条新闻。 @foxandfriends有史以来最伟大的女巫狩猎仍在继续。所有罪行都在另一方,但委员会甚至拒绝审查。删除33,000封电子邮件是真正的障碍 – 还有更多!

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