RT @NHC_Atlantic: 8/31 8 AM EDT: There’s been a notable change overnight to the forecast of #Dorian after Tuesday. It should be stressed that the new forecast track does not preclude Dorian making landfall on the Florida coast, as large portions of the coast remain in the track cone of uncertainty https://t.co/GSds0bKunM

RT @NHC_Atlantic:美国东部时间上午8点31分:周二之后,#Dorian的预测发生了明显的变化。应该强调的是,新的预报轨道并不妨碍Dorian在佛罗里达海岸登陆,因为大部分海岸仍然处于不确定的轨道锥体中https://t.co/GSds0bKunM

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