RT @SenatorLankford: As I travel around the state, a lot of people ask about securing the US-Mexico border & what Congress can do to fix the broken immigration process. Last month, I visited the US-Mexico border with @SenJoniErnst & @SenBillCassidy to see firsthand what needs to be done. https://t.co/3xHZZz3bfY

RT @SenatorLankford:当我在州内旅行时,很多人都在询问如何确保美墨边境以及国会可以采取哪些措施来解决破裂的移民流程。上个月,我与@SenJoniErnst和@SenBillCassidy一起访问了美国 – 墨西哥边境,亲眼目睹了需要做些什么。 https://t.co/3xHZZz3bfY

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